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Welcome / Here We Go

Welcome / Here We Go

Once upon a time I used to write a blog.  Regularly.  It was a combo of my own life adventures, touring, observations, music stuff, and just...life (does anyone remember the "Charlotte the Spider" tale in Stoke-On-Trent, or the pants into the neighbour's walled back garden touring incident, ahem). With the introduction of social media and the subsequent ever-shortening attention spans of - dare I say - everyone, I got a bit overwhelmed and took a break. But I've missed it. I've missed chronicling things that I want to remember and that feel good to share and write down, and I miss recounting the (usually quite funny) tales along the way.  So I'm back, and this page shall be my home for all of that and more. Welcome.  

Please do sign up and you'll automoatically get an email in your inbox whenever I post (this feels fancy, but I like it).  You can also subscribe for extras, first access and first listens to new music, behind the scenes stuff, exlusives, etc. This page is intended to be an amalgamation of my previous blog plus the now defunct PledgeMusic, plus the 'iLikePike' members-only page, so there will be lots of stuff here for everyone. After 2+ years of writing / isolating / recording / more isolating / more recording / filming etc we've got loads of stuff lined up and coming your way starting now.  It feels good to finally be back with new tunes, I can't wait to share.

Thank you for being here with me!  

LP x